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A snapshot of Our Unique Products

THE Dream Project Plan

The GUA Life Dream Project Plan is an all in one policy that gives you the protection you need while building your savings for future financial needs. The policy combines life insurance protection and a professionally managed investment fund.

Farewell Plan

The GUA farewell policy provides immediate lump sum pay-out to beneficiaries to cover the funeral expenses of their loved ones.  The GUA farewell plan is an inexpensive way to take care of expenses on all fronts when you need to say farewell to …

Edu-Guarantor Plan

It provides Life Insurance Cover for the Parent paying the child’s school fees. It provides Investment (the quantum of the investment account at the demise of a parent will determine how far a child can go on the academic ladder…

 Gyae Su Plan (Micro Insurance)

We present a unique opportunity for investors to access IFC’s superior track record in emerging markets, its unparalleled network of in-country presence and expertise.

Group Life & Accident Plan

Death, terminal and critical illnesses may be avoidable at a point but inevitable over time, and circumstances under which they may occur are sometimes beyond human control. Similarly, everyone is exposed to potential accidents at the work place, at home and everywhere.

GUA Life Mortgage Protection Plan

We are in an uncertain world where we are no longer guaranteed our jobs or means of living for life, as we are prone to accidents and illnesses which may result in total permanent incapacitation or even death that can rob us of our livelihoods.

GUA Life Keyman Protection Plan

This policy provides life and total permanent disability covers for a ‘keyman’ of an entity i.e. an institution which has an insurable interest in the life of such a key person.

Credit Life Plan

The GUA Life Credit Life Insurance Policy is designed to pay off a borrower’s debt if that borrower dies or becomes totally disabled. The lender’s financial interest is secured by the policy in the event of these mishaps.